October 7, 2009

Cards/Dodgers NLDS opening probables

Chris Carpenter (RHP, 17-4 in regular season) is slated to take the hill for the St. Louis Cardinals Wednesday night in Game #1 of the NLDS versus the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The scheduled pitcher for the Dodgers is (LHP, 11-7 in regular season) Randy Wolf.

Like most short series, this best 3-of-5 stint places enormous importance on the first couple of games. For the Cardinals, with probables Carpenter (Game #1) and Adam Wainwright (Game #2), the Cards are in as good a position to take command as any team in baseball.

From now on the playoffs, however, runs may be a premium regardless of who the Cards face. This makes the equation for advancement not an easy task, but an easy formula for the Cards: they must bring their bats. It's one of those "boils down to" things.