October 9, 2009

Woulduh coulduh shoulduh

If Matt Holliday had only not hit that home run earlier in the game, he probably would not have had to endure the disappointment of erring on a fly ball that woulduh-coulduh-shoulduh ended the game as a victory for the Cardinals in Game #2 of the NLDS versus the Los Angeles Dodgers.

On one hand, the error becomes quite glaring, but on the other hand, you can examine many other points of the game and conclude the outcome could have been different. And one thing is for sure: there's a ton of stuff Holliday has done right for the Cardinals so that this writer doesn't dwell too much on the foul-up, as will undoubtedly happen throughout the larger part of the sports media.

Okay, so let Holliday's goof be the moment when Cardinals fans let loose with a word or two rarely heard in front of the kids. Let's just hope the misplayed fly ball doesn't become one of those defining moments that cause Cardinal Nation to go the way of "excuses of evermore," ala the Cubs' Goat.

But alas, the Holliday misplay occurred, and the Dodgers are now up 2-0 in the NLDS.

The Cards have to take on the "short memory" tool of the reliever in preparation of Game #3, to to held at Busch Stadium in St. Louis on Saturday afternoon when Joel Pineiro takes the hill for the Cards.