June 20, 2010

Holliday heats for summer

With the summer heat upon us, Matt Holliday has heated up his offense to keep with the coming season. Yesterday, Holliday continued to drive the ball, going 2-for-4, mainly, by "thinking middle," as the Cards edged the A's, 4-3.

Of course, that's speculation, but after coaching and studying hitting for some time, that appears to be Holliday's approach, at least more so of late.

And Holliday isn't the only hitter centering his swing: Schumaker has been lacing the ball where it has been pitched as well, yesterday, going 2-for-3 and setting the table pretty well for the 2-3-4 portion of the Cardinals lineup.

Not to forget Wainwright's performance, which by now I'm already taken for granted.

Most folks expect super, consistent games out of the Cards' established part of their rotation, but now it's time for that billion-dollar offense to start kicking in ... and ... kicking butt. That's a lot of pressure on human beings, but Cards fans are simply too excited over the potential of that Cardinals lineup.

Tony La Russa would like nothing better than to send his former A's packing with a sweep to explain to the AL.

Could there be a better time, therefore, for the Cards to "manufacture" a win on Father's Day during a rotation-building session. Not expecting a win might take some pressure off and have the bats swing looser and better.

"Soup's on!"