July 31, 2010

Luddy and Westbrook head west

Ryan Ludwick is headed west, all the way to San Diego as part of a three way trade that brings Jake Westbook west, all the way to St. Louis.

The Cards also pick up Padres' minor leaguer Nick Greenwood as well as some cash.

Unable to secure Roy Oswalt, the Cardinals gave up their best defensive outfielder, and with the exception of Matt Holliday, probably their second best offensive outfielder. The trade is a tremendous risk for the Cards, but is much easier for ownership to "go for" with the stellar all-around play of Jon Jay.

The trade will most likely not be taken well by Redbird fans, who are keen to reward players who have worked hard to prove their worth for St. Louis. The timing is such that the trade will get downplayed by the hoopla surround Whitey Herzog's accolades at Busch Stadium today.

No doubt San Diego got the better of this deal. At least, for those who appreciate Ludwick's performance and sacrifice for the Redbirds, he is going to a team tied for first place in the NL West with the San Francisco Giants and with a better record than St. Louis. Luddy deserves that much.