August 5, 2010

Craig must have felt like chopped liver

"What am I, chopped liver?"

No, Allen Craig hasn't said that, but this old phrase could easily have been what he felt like for some time while everyone else seemed to be getting their shot at the Bigs while he got sent down to the minors more times than he got called up.

Now that Craig has joined Pujols in lighting up Busch for their respective red-hot offense of late, we'll see if he gets "platooned" for his efforts.

What the heck, misfortune has knocked down Freese for a while, and much as I love Lopez, he seems to miss a grounder for every one he snatches. So why not just let John Jay take over right field and let Craig have his shot at third base, before we get to the end of September and wonder why we didn't get them all the experience we could've through August?

Just don't do too good, Craig, or you could end up in San Diego. Or maybe that's his plan?