August 29, 2010

Lohse too high, Lopez too sleepy

Kyle Lohse isn't quite ready to return to prime time yet. In Saturday night's 14-5 loss to the Washington Nationals, Lohse failed to keep the ball low enough in the strike zone to prevent a bat-fest by the Nats. Lohse threw almost three out of every four pitches for strikes, but in very hittable areas.

After Lohse was done on the hill, the Cardinals had few choices out of the bullpen, as most of its arms had been used the previous game.

As for analysis, Jon Jay may want to consider not pressing the outfield wall on fly balls he knows will hit high off the wall. The ricochets are hard enough to predict, let alone having to chase them down. Jay can learn off of Matt Holliday on this point. Holliday seems to have worked hard on recognizing a drive off the wall and playing it accordingly.

Otherwise, technique aside, Felipe Lopez, who is very sound in many aspects of the game, simply must wake up on the basepathes. Some time ago, he was picked off first base a couple times, and has had many close calls on picks. Saturday night he got picked at second base. Suffice it to say the entire league knows Lopez hasn't learned yet and will keep on setting him up for a rally-killing pickoff.