August 1, 2010

White Rat recognized while Luddy bids farewell

While Whitey Herzog reminded thousands of fans of how important it was that he (and his number) be remembered in Busch Stadium, Ryan Ludwick reminded fans how they were the best in baseball as he bid St. Louis farewell in an off-field interview.

An 11-1 win (Jeff Suppan's first this season) took some sting out of Luddy's departure, but the pressure to ease the ouch Redbird Nation feels is directly upon (whether he likes it or not) Jake Westbrook. Certainly Westbrook is kicking the dust of Cleveland off his spikes and welcomes the opportunity to pitch for the Redbirds.

Not directly involved in the trade, Jon Jay, does have the ability to make Mo's move about as all right as it ever could be by continuing to play as well as he has thus far.