September 3, 2010

Cards need spark rather than leader come lately

With all that has gone on with the Reds in the last series at Great American Ball Park, this weekend set should provide plenty of emotion and spark, something the Cardinals seem to guard against as SOP.
Getting too high or low during the season has its drawbacks, but making an effort to disregard the natural emotions of the game can have the effect displayed by the Cardinals for over a month: Disregarding natural high and low emotion flattens out a team as far as leadership and puts the team in a position where anyone who suddenly steps up can look like "Leader Come Lately."

The Reds provided the much-needed spark last series, but the Cardinals stomped it out themselves.

Guarding against highs and lows is an arguable strategy for a long season, but the season is not long for an end now, so the advice is that if there is any kind of occurrence which provides a spark of any kind whatsoever, to take said spark and fan it into some flames. If not, October will be much colder than we'd all hoped.