February 18, 2011

Forever Redbird

“What did I want? I want to be a Cardinal forever. That’s my goal.” Those were the words of Albert Pujols early Thursday morning at the St. Louis Cardinals spring training camp in Jupiter, Florida.

Pujols clearly wants his entire baseball future to play out in the Lou, as local St. Louisans call the city west of the Arch. Cardinal Nation couldn’t agree more.

The question now – or after the 2011 season – is whether the St. Louis Cardinals organization can come to an agreement with undoubtedly baseball’s best player regarding his contract. No details had been given, no particulars of supposed negotiations came by way of slip of the tongue, no clues offered to thicken the plot.

Only Pujols’ desire to remain a Redbird for life was clear.

According to cardinals GM John Mozeliak and Pujols, himself, there shouldn’t be another whisper about the biggest potential contract baseball has ever seen for the rest of the season.

You can bet the media will be dogging Roger Dean Stadium throughout spring training, reporters hunting for scraps of information that might tip off the real deal.

For now, Spring Training is the order of Pujols’ day.