June 6, 2012

Astros on the brain

Seems Jaime Garcia will have to (and probably more than happy to) wait till the next time he's in Houston to take another nightmarish crack at the Astros.

To watch him pitch, it's apparent there's something bothering him at Minute Maid. Whether it's his phantom shoulder injury is one thing. Remember, however, that his worst pitching comes against Houston.

Maybe Garcia's just riding it out till Houston goes to the American League. He might be checking next season's schedule for inter-league nightmares.

Garcia shouldn't feel bad, however. It's not as if the rest of the pitching staff has done that well, evidenced by the 9-8 loss.

And then there's Wednesday's starter for Houston ... Norris, who is no "bud" to the Cards. Wednesday is nightmare time for all of the other Cards besides Garcia.