June 6, 2012

Cardinal Nation Dead Ticker

For those wondering where the Cardinal Nation Live Ticker has gone, I have removed it.


Demand Media, Inc., bought out Cover-It-Live, and although Demand has kept the C-I-L flag in an attempt to keep customers (that's right, customers, which means pay service), Demand has offered no free platform.

Normally, tools as good as C-I-L are offered with some form of realistic free plan, if you can put up with unblockable ads, for instance. But the Demand "free" plan includes only 25 views. Seriously?

Why bother, Demand?

Having offset blog costs with a whopping .34 cents over the past year or so (uncollected from Google, of course), we'll just have to forge on.

Sorry, but the Cardinal Nation Ticker is dead ... long live the Ticker!