June 8, 2012

Freese double-dings in late innings

Love to say I told you so, or, at least, mentioned the possibility of reaping the benefits of leaving David Freese in at third base in the latter innings ...

So often Freese is all but automatically replaced in later innings, I supposed, for defensive purposes, but questioned whether such a move was really necessary, as Freese seems to be fielding the hot corner as well as any Redbird.

The obvious benefit of letting Freese play out a hard nine is having his bat remain in the lineup.

Last night, Freese had an opportunity to prove his late-inning worth by cracking a six-pack of RBI's via a couple home runs, one a grand slam.

The clouts almost downplayed the 11 K's and ninth victory by Lance Lynn--almost.

Cards head home to play the road-hot Indians in inter league play tonight.