June 5, 2012

Hold up, heal up, shut up!

Nice to see the Cardinals tough out a win in the Big Apple. It has been a really rough road trip.

For any team, though, there are always a few stops along the course of long, long major league season, where it is discovered, and re-discovered, that any team, can pounce on you, at any time.

The Cards should know, they pummelled the last few weeks of their schedule last season. When a team is hot, they're hot.

And when they're not, well, they simply have to tough it out.

So, on to Houston, and hopefully, with the thought in mind that the series at Minute Maid is not a gimme.
No excuses will work, either. (Not that a Redbird would offer one up; maybe the press.)

No: "Ew, ew, look at the mark on the chalk line."

No: "But some of our best are on the DL."

No: "*"

For St. Louis faithful, it needs to be someone more like: "Hold up, heal up, shut up!"

Oh, and: "Let's take care of business."