June 2, 2012

How could you not cheer for Santana

Even the most loyal of Cardinals Nation couldn't help but cheer on Johan Santana of the New York Mets Friday night as he threw the first Mets no-hitter in baseball history.

Except for maybe, Redbirds' skipper, Mike Matheny, who somehow found a way to whine about the blown call on Beltran's potential double early in the game. Hey, Mike, it's umpire stuff, they make good calls and sometimes not.

Santana, however, never looked back, and got some big time help from his outfield, especially Mike Baxter, who crashed the left field wall saving Santana's gem with a gem of his own.

Had to sort of feel good for the Mets as well, nearly as hapless as the Cubs for decades, save '69, when the stars aligned and both clubs were simultaneously awesome.

Credit give where credit due.

Congrats, Santana.