June 7, 2012

Only room for two birds on this bat

Not really, there were some pretty good draft picks besides a couple with just the right last names, but sooner or later, the fact there is one less branch for anyone other than a Cardinal to light upon will find its way into some press conference or post-game interview.

Not taking a side here. Very content to sit on the fence and wait for some hindsight to come along. Like most folks, I try to avoid any potential family feud. Those are some matches I learned not to play with long ago. Let's start with "benefit of the doubt."

Hey, every draft pick was most likely a great one, based upon ability, and more so, potential. To be recognized is the media dilemma that could arise from those later round selections. Those could be tough to justify, but certainly that part has already been brainstormed.

Puts a lot of pressure on the younger, though, probably more than is fair.

For sure, this species of bird is leaving a lot of eggshells to navigate.

Difficult to sort out? You bet.

While mingling with a species of which you are not, and especially when entering their tree, just be careful as you climb, as the next branch you reach for might be marked, "RESERVED for [fill in the name]," or worse, might not be there at all.