June 11, 2012

Perez, Motte, it's all good

Former Card's reliever, Chris Perez, has got to have felt some redemption after a head-to-head closing performance with the former teammate who was chosen to remain a Redbird while Perez was sent packing.

Now an Indian, the odds of Perez getting such an opportunity were pretty high it would never come about.

Yet, in an inter league game Sunday, Jason Motte had a chance to prove St. Louis chose to keep the right man, and blew a hold in the ninth inning, giving up a 3-run gopher that put Cleveland atop heading into the bottom of the ninth. Now it would be Perez's turn to close, and he did.

For those (me included), who at the time, would have chosen to keep Perez and send Motte out of the Lou, it was probably a bit satisfying, although blowing the game had a lot to do with a lack of offense earlier in the game.

Even back then, when a chose-and-trade deal was going down, it was just about half a dozen of one, six of the other, and Motte had performed a little better, sooner. Of course, he's not the one that had to change cities, either.

No doubt, however, that of late, Perez has risen to the top of the AL closing heap.

It was nice to see Perez show his worth, but now that the Cards have had Motte for all this time, and just because he blew a big one at Busch, he'll still a great fit for the Cards.

What do you think about a straight trade? Motte for Perez? Even if Cleveland were that stupid, it probably wouldn't happen. Besides, it wouldn't benefit Perez. St. Louis has a way, if you look at the last half-dozen closers or so (not counting the by-committee days), of grinding closers to a pulp. I mean, guys who were regarded as monsters in the ninth, if you notice, suddenly hit the hill one day and totally breakdown.

No, Perez is better off where he is.

And as for Motte, well, he doesn't quite fit the mold of those others who've probably been better closers, but with secret expiration dates. It seems that is Motte is consistently a bit sub par, yet damned good at the same time, he'll probably stay that way for a long time.

The grinder that is St. Louis, in Motte's case, make him better, makes him improve.

Perez in Cleveland, Motte in the Lou, it's all good with me.