July 3, 2012

Vote Freese if you please

That's somewhat like the slogan used by MLB (oh, crap, I don't have their express written consent) on the page dedicated to voting in David Freese of the St. Louis Cardinals as the last rostered player on the National League All-Star Team.

Although voting for one of the final five potential NL All-Stars is more of a matter of home town bias, there are a lot of baseball fans whose teams are not represented in the final roster selection.

For nostalgia, you vote Chipper Jones, but for actual talent and ability backed up by the hard stats, this year's selection should be Freese.

And, he's a nice guy. Got his spikes on the ground, if you will. Interviewed him on a podunk college radio station right before spring training of the Card's most recent WS year and he was very easy to have an on-air conversation with. Of course, he would never recall those three minutes, but it sure was the highlight of my day at the time. Yeah, I voted for David Freese.