February 25, 2013

Cards open Spring Training games

The Cards started their spring training games this weekend, losing to the Miami Marlins, 8-3 on Saturday and losing to the Boston Red Sox on Sunday, 5-3.

So far, David Freese and David Descalso have homered for the Redbirds.

The losses (or wins) in spring training mean practically nothing as this is the time for working out and getting skills back in order. The Cards seem to be preparing in this fashion just fine, with a few well known issues.

That fifth pitching spot in the rotation is the biggest talk, as it obviously one of the biggest concerns the Cards have as they head for the 2013 season.

Otherwise, a close eye is upon the condition of Rafeal Furcal's throwing arm, last season's injury barking pretty good though he's had all winter to heal up.

Allen Craig was reported to have a sore shoulder, but Craig is dismissing that as usual spring soreness.

And of course, in the long term, Chris Carpenter's unfortunate recurring injury is to be monitored.

photo credit: wallyg via photopin cc