March 8, 2013

It's Tommy John for Furcal

Cardinals' shortstop Rafael Furcal will opt for Tommy John surgery to correct an injury in his thrown arm elbow.

There's no explanation as to why Furcal didn't choose this surgery back in October, which would have probably seen him return to action sometime midway through the 2013 season.

Be that as it may, the surgery, reportedly necessary at this juncture, will likely cause Furcal to miss the entire 2013 season.

So far, the Cards plan on going with Pete Kozma, who can play second, third, or shortstop, with shortstop being his primary position. Kozma showed well during his 80+ games with the Cards last season.

Don't doubt, however, that the Cardinals' management is sorting out any possible options for shortstops throughout the Bigs who might make a great fit for the major league roster.

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photo credit: shgmom56, Barbara Moore via photopin cc