June 26, 2014

4thebirds... finds it's way back to the nest after more than a year

You might say 4thebirds... flew the coop, got lost in the cloud, and didn't find it's way back for a little over a year.

I believe 4thebirds... may have found it's way home.

Fingers crossed.

Suffice it to say, it'll take some time to get the layout back in shape. It's a mess. I've had to resort to a basic Blogger template, but hey, the nest must be rebuilt.

Oddly, I've only just returned from the annual UCB Blogger Event at Busch Stadium to somehow get the site back online (with no help of GoDaddy, I'm angry to say).

Happy to be back, and hope to analyze some Redbirds on-field strategy and talk technique.

Really missed the UCB gang.

I'm back, 4thebirds... is back, and I'm 4thebirds...

Hopefully, you are too.

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