July 16, 2014

Face it, Cardinals' fans: Dodgers pitching walked the walk

Let's not name names, but ...

... Dodgers' fans wanted their guy pitching first, feeling their guy was better than the Cards' guy.

The Cards guy got picked to pitch first, and so talked the talk.

The Dodgers faithful watched their guy pitch second, and quite efficiently walked the walk.

There was more talking later, but before that, another Dodgers' hurler walked the walk. The Cards' guy, well ... uhh ... uhm ...

Cards' fans just have to face the fact that Redbirds' pitching gave the A.L. every one of their five runs. (Do the math to calculate how many runs Dodgers' pitching gave up.) 

Cards' fans just have to face the fact that the west coast whining wasn't whining at all, but the voice of reason. And when it's said they walked the walk, we're not talking bases on balls. We're talking shut-down innings. We're talking ... well ... and there's the rub again, we're "talking."

And now the Dodgers have all the resolve they need to repeat the experiment and prove the results when L.A. just happens to be the first series the Redbirds play off the All-Star break.

There may be a big second half of baseball remaining for the MLB teams, but for L.A. and St. Louis, the upcoming three-game series could set quite a tone for the bulk of summer.

If you're the Cardinals, it's time to shut up and play a hard nine times three.

If you're the Dodgers, this is the perfect time to play a series in St. Louis, where L.A. can prove the nearby arch really is a Gateway to the West.

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