July 28, 2015

Home series vs. sub-500 team not always easy

ST. LOUIS--Teams playing top of the line baseball sometimes have trouble with teams that have yet to find their stride, yet need to win these respective series in order to maintain success.

That's the simple terms by which the St. Louis Cardinals are chugging along into the second half of the MLB season..

Taking the weekend home series versus Atlanta, 2-1, while another series success, can point out what happens to better-playing teams at times, whereby the more successful team "plays down" to the current level of their opponent. That's being as polite as possible to the Braves, but they always have a way of changing that viewpoint: play better.

The Cards didn't seem to generate much offense against Atlanta, but did win 2-of-3. The biggest spread was Friday's 4-2 win, followed by Saturday's edging with a 1-0 shutout. The Braves gutted out the Sunday affair, however, returning the edging, 3-2.

A game, a series, slice up the season any way you like. It still boils down to a pitch at a time.

Next series already underway as 4thebirds... is back in town from a weekend in northern Indiana.

The Redbirds take the opening game of a 3-game, home series versus the Cincinnati Reds, 4-1, continuing the longest home stand of the season at Busch Stadium. (Two more versus the Reds followed by four against the Colorado Rockies, in case you're on to your own speculations.)