October 22, 2015

Cubs swept out of NLCS, Mets win the NL pennant.

CHICAGO--WRIGLEY FIELD--Daniel Murphy hit his sixth home run in as many games Wednesday night, a new MLB record, as the New York Mets swept the Chicago Cubs with an 8-3 win in the Windy City.

The Mets are headed to the World Series, set to begin Oct. 27 at either Toronto or Kansas City, depending on who grabs the AL pennant. As for the Mets, a 4-0 sweep of the Cubs gives them the NL pennant and time to rest and reset their starting pitching rotation.

Post-game at Wrigley, the Cubs waited until the field had cleared of celebrating Mets, then stepped out to tip their caps to a crowd that had been loyal to the upstart Chicago team all season.

After Tuesday's 7-1 Toronto Blue Jays win over the Kansas City Royals in Toronto, the ALCS finds Kansas City leading 3-2. That series moves to Kansas City for the last two games, the Royals with a chance to take the AL pennant Friday night. If the Blue Jays force a game seven, it will play Saturday night.