October 19, 2015

Mets and Murphy command NLCS in the Big Apple, now ready for Wrigley

NEW YORK--CITI FIELD--Behind the pitching of Noah Syndergaard, the New York Mets defeated the Chicago Cubs and their ace, Jake Arrieta, Sunday night, to take a 2-0 NLCS lead.

The Mets are working toward wetting down a dry spell of 15 seasons without a pennant.

A 4-1 victory in frigid temperatures warmed the Mets and their fans in their home ball park of Citi Field, and they have now earned a chance to travel to Wrigley Field for the next three games without a loss.

For the Cubs, manager Joe Maddon is trying to get his club focused on one game at a time so his young charges are not overwhelmed by the 2-0 deficit. According to MLB.com, only three teams have recovered from the same scenario and gone on to win the pennant.

New York is riding high behind their pitching and the red-hot hitting of Daniel Murphy, who cracked a two-run homer in the Mets' latest win.

The Cubs host the Mets Tuesday night at Wrigley Field for Game #3.

The ALCS is to play their Game #3 Monday night in Toronto, the Kansas City Royals up 2-0 in that series over the Toronto Blue Jays.